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Neways Wins Injunction Against SISEL Founder

Source: Business Wire

"Neways Wins Trade Secrets Injunction against Former Owner and Officers

SPRINGVILLE, Utah, Jun 12, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- A United States Federal Judge has issued an injunction against Neways' former owner, Thomas Mower Sr.; his two sons, Thomas Mower Jr. and Darick Mower; and their new companies, Sisel International, LLC and SupraNaturals, LLC.

Following a hearing on May 25, 2007, United States District Judge Bruce S. Jenkins enjoined the Mowers and their new companies from using any Neways product formulas, distributor lists, or vendor lists. The court further ordered the Mowers and their companies to return to Neways any computer disks containing such information.

In a complaint filed May 23, 2007, in the United States District Court for the District of Utah, Neways International alleges that, after selling Neways to Golden Gate Capital for hundreds of millions of dollars and before Thomas Mower Sr. began serving his prison sentence for tax evasion, Mr. Mower, in conspiracy with his two sons, misappropriated many of Neways' trade secrets, including distributor lists, vendor lists, and product formulas, in an effort to start a competing network marketing business.

After Neways presented substantial evidence in support of that claim, the court issued the injunction enjoining the Mowers and their new companies from using any Neways distributor lists or any other confidential and proprietary information contained on computer disks taken from Neways.

In taking this legal action, Neways reinforces the company's unalterable commitment to its hard-working distributors and employees and to fair and appropriate business practices. As Neways argued in its papers, Sisel "can compete, but they can't cheat."

The court has set the matter for a further hearing to take additional evidence in the case.


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