Saturday, February 14, 2009

Date Posted: 5/27/2008

Source: Utah Business

"SISEL International LLC is anticipating that its line of liquid nutritionals, nutritional supplements, hair care, anti-aging, skin care and home care products will double in size by the end of 2008. The current line has over twenty products, with many new products including home care and skin care and additional personal care product releases scheduled for the second quarter.

SISEL’s premiere product, FuCoyDon, contains whole limu moui, a high-powered sea nutrient with regenerative properties. Limu moui’s active constituent, fucoidan, is a complex molecule and the subject of over 700 studies. Research shows that fucoidan supports immune, cardiovascular and digestive health. Our beverage, FuCoyDon, is blended with juices known for their antioxidant activity. "

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