Saturday, February 14, 2009

Denise Richards Hosts Passion Party on Reality TV

Source: Earthtimes

"Actress and former model, Denise Richards, hosted her first "Passion Party" with her sister and friends on the reality show. Pat Davis, president of Passion Parties and author of the Random House best-selling book, "The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex," conducted the party while showcasing the company's signature body products and passion essentials.

"Who would have thought this is what I get me out of my rut?" Denise Richards asked.

"A Passion Party is just what every woman needs to have fun with her girlfriends and discover her inner Passion Diva. Denise was very receptive to the party, toys and education. A lot of times, single mothers tend to get bogged down with the daily routine of being a mother, forgetting about themselves and their own needs. Denise is just like every other woman with children," said Pat Davis. "She's just trying to be the best mother, daughter and woman she can be." "

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