Monday, February 16, 2009

DubLi Founder Michael Hansen Takes Full Control


"Naples, Florida July 24, 2008: Discount Marketing Corp and Alfred Luckerbauer, the US representatives for DubLi Network, announced today that DubLi President and CEO, Preben Westergaard, has stepped down and handed the reins over to Founder, Michael Hansen. Mr. Westergaard will remain with the company in a consultant capacity.

This is exciting news for all business associates of this German based company, as it signifies a great leap forward in the unity of DubLi as it continues its worldwide expansion and makes its march across the pond over to the United States and Canada this fall.

DubLi is a global trading platform, consisting of Reverse Auctions; Unique Lowest Bid, the Express and the ZerO auctions. It is considered by some auction aficionados, that it will surpass e-bay in popularity by the year 2010. The DubLi auctions, launched on a limited basis in Europe during 2006, are creating major excitement in the internet marketing and e-commerce arena. " : Source Link

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