Monday, February 16, 2009

LifeVantage Announces Protandim Sales Increase

Source: MarketWatch

"LifeVantage Corporation Announces Increased Sales Distribution for Protandim(R)

SAN DIEGO, Aug 13, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- LifeVantage Corporation has announced it has increased distribution of Protandim(R) via a network of well-known regional brokers; the initiation of a direct sales program to healthcare professionals; and a partnership providing an entree into the fitness arena. According to Ben Seeman, LifeVantage's Vice President of Sales, "Upon joining the company approximately two months ago, my immediate focus was to accelerate product distribution within the United States. Leveraging my long standing relationships, we have created a strong network of brokers who have quickly brought on new retail accounts that are very excited about Protandim. Orders from these new accounts have already been received by the company." These new brokers include Contemporary Marketing, Inc.; Concept Sales and Associates; Colorado Natural Products; Gulf Coast Naturals; Fred Cordolla, LLC; and Steve Craner, LLC. LifeVantage is also seeing success in its new direct sales effort to doctors and healthcare professionals. Seeman commented, "The company's sales team is calling directly upon doctors, introducing them to a comprehensive new program that makes it easy for them to provide the tremendous benefits of Protandim to their patients. We have received a great response and new orders from this initiative. This effort aligns well with our new partnership with Chiropractic Buying Group, a company that provides information kiosks within chiropractic offices." "

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