Friday, February 20, 2009

Market America Selects Silver Creek Systems

Source: B-EYE-Network

"Silver Creek Systems, the pioneer and provider in automated Data Mastering, including product data quality, integration and governance solutions recently announced that their DataLens System has been selected by leading one–to–one retailer, Market America. Market America will use the DataLens System to drive the categorization as well as the data quality and consistency of the over 50 million products sold on in order to drive online search performance and enable further scaling of their already significant online presence.

The DataLens System uses semantic-based technology to perform real–time, automated Data Mastering services to standardize, validate, match and repurpose data as a plug–in to existing systems or processes such as search. Semantic recognition identifies and standardizes data irrespective of format or source and delivers it back in a format compliant with enterprise data standards, including those defined by a Master Data Management strategy. This approach has been shown to be faster, cheaper, more scalable and more tolerant of variable data than traditional data integration and data quality methods. "

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