Friday, February 20, 2009

Metabolife Dieting Press Release

Source: International Business Times

"Holding on to unhealthy fat after an initialweight loss happens to everyone. Even top celebrities' recurring battlewith weight has been well documented in the press. This yo-yo tendencymakes the self promise to lose weight one of the top New Year's pledges andkeeps gyms in business when resoluteness for dieters annually fades by March.

After successful dieting, the body can actually work against itself,slowing metabolism and making it harder to keep weight off. A patentpending combination of four common ingredients has been shown to help breakthrough the body's natural tendency to hold on to unhealthy fat and slowits metabolism after initial weight loss. This year, dieters get help tokeep their New Year's Resolution with the clinically tested andgroundbreaking formula of cayenne, green tea, caffeine and the amino acid,L-Tyrosine that is found in Metabolife's "Break Through." Break Through isthe first product of its kind that keeps the body's metabolism humming forat least 8 weeks after initial weight loss; just in time to help get pastthe temptations of the holidays. Metabolife®'s new Break Through isavailable online at and at drug and grocery retailersnationwide, including Walgreens, Kmart, RiteAid, CVS and Fred Meyer, for asuggested retail price of $29.99. "

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