Monday, February 16, 2009

Recalled Herbal Supplement Sued in Class Action

Source: Global TV Calgary

"The Canadien Distributor for Sleepees, Our World Network, was sued in Canada after Health Canada found their product to contain traces of prescription drug Estazolam. Estazolam relaxes the body and helps you sleep but it's also addictive and there are withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it.

Lawyer Clint Docken filed suit saying that Our World Network should have known the drug was in their product.

Chief Operating Officer for Our World Network responded in the article:

"The Chief Operating Officer for Our World Network, the Canadian distributor in Vancouver B.C., says they were misled by the manufacturer. "When you're selling a natural food product, you're assuming through the proper tests that are provided to you that the manufacturer that they provide you a certificate of analysis etcetera that the product doesn't have a drug in it", says Renato Cavaliere.

He says they have found another supplier and a new clean batch of Sleepees was released in March. Health Canada has allowed the company to sell the new Sleepees while it goes through the approval process for Natural Health Products. "

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