Monday, February 23, 2009

Tupperware Receives Award for Brand Recognition

Source: PR Newswire

"Tupperware Brands Corporation has been honored with top global awards for the company's incredible success in developing the iconic brand's name in India, China and Indonesia. The company received unprecedented recognition from prestigious organizations and publications in each market, including Superbrands, Business Week, and Hers Magazine.

Superbrands, a highly-respected organization that strives to provide recognition for exceptional brands in 82 countries, selected Tupperware as a Superbrand for the 2008 Awards in India, praising the business for its dedication and commitment to the market in India. Tupperware's rating in India falls within the top 3% of all brands across all segments and all categories. The renowned recognition is acknowledged and selected by independent judging panels of brand management experts; The Superbrands Council, and criteria is based on the establishment of a brand's reputability within an industry and a strong competitive advantage recognized by consumers.

"Tupperware has grown tremendously in several global markets, including India, China and Indonesia and it's an honor to be recognized for our success from some of the most prestigious organizations throughout the world," said Rick Goings, Chairman and CEO of Tupperware Brands Corporation. "It's still early innings for us in these emerging markets, but the brand is already recognized and respected, which is incredibly encouraging." "

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