Friday, February 20, 2009

Zippi Adds Growth to Zipster Network

Source: International Business Times

"Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI),turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced its latest and new"Certified Zipster," Ms. Sherrine Cancilla; she joins the Zippi Network asa current eBay Power Seller and VP at Silicon Valley-based Hewlett-Packard(HP) Corporation. Ms. Cancilla has brought the Discovery Bay Californiaterritory live and ready for Zippi business.

Sherrine Cancilla, "Certified Zipster," stated, "I found Zippi myself simply by searching and searching for this 'type' of opportunity. What a lucky day for me! I found Zippi, read all about the Company, searched itall over the internet and ended up signing up to be a 'Certified Affiliate'and Zipster within 24 hours and was selling within 72 hours. I havecustomers galore, regular commission checks, amazing tools and a companythat backs me 100%; Zippi is a hidden treasure for those of us eBay sellerslooking for a long-term commitment and a fast & informational way to listany type of item. The 'Ask Zippi' tool makes selling & listing a cinch andthe information and reports it provides to us are invaluable to thebusiness. From a partnership perspective, I'm proud to say that Zippi andI have only begun our long-term profitable relationship." "

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