Friday, February 20, 2009

Zippi Announces Opening of First Zippi Center

Source: Press Release

"Zippi Networks, Inc., turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced the opening of its first "ZippiCenter" location, combining a centralized and regional location forwarehousing consignment merchandise, with a resource clearing house for itsZipster community. Zippi is seeing increases in the volume of calls to its877-Go-Zippi Hotline from consumers and businesses across the country toconsign and sell merchandise which will continue to drive future growth bydemonstrating the service side of Zippi together with the businessopportunity, with a "Zippi Center" location. The Zippi Center provides thepicture booth, listing stations, product collected through 877-Go-Zippi,and systems to allow our Zipsters to earn the commissions, and the itemowners will collect the check. "

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