Sunday, April 26, 2009

efusjon in the Cascade Business News

Source: Cascade Business News

"Start-up company efusjon was recently featured in the Cascade Business News.

...The goal of efusjon management is to re-launch their brand at the beginning of the year, which will include an overhaul of their website. Ultimately they would like to introduce a new flavor every month, until they have 10 to 15 different healthy energy drinks on the market. Flavors and properties will be kept natural.

Following the model so successfully developed by Costco, efusjon will not use traditional marketing techniques. The say that social networking will be the key to their success. Similar to a wine club, members will join up and receive four cases a month. If members end up bringing more people on board, they will be compensated on a monthly basis. Essentially it is a referral based social networking model.

Everything will be handled out of the corporate headquarters which will utilize their website to manage and track their growth. “We want people to market for us, and we’re not going to have a fleet of delivery trucks so our model allows us to focus on managing our core business,” explained Towles, “and we needed to be somewhere where a healthy energy drink fits in.”


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