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IamVoip Press Release

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Telecom Giant and Internet Guru Partner to Create Digital Phone Company

Austin, TX, April 3, 2009 - IamVoip, an established digital VoIP phone service, has joined forces with Steve Smith, Co-Founder and former Chief of Marketing for Excel Telecommunications. An industry leader, Mr. Smith has re-entered the communications realm to take a hands-on management position with IamVoip.
IamVoip is the brain child of Internet marketing guru Blake Christensen. Over the past three years IamVoip has become a leader in the Voice over Internet Protocol industry, offering its customers a service-based experience while pairing in-demand technology and a direct sales platform.

“The digital space is taking a hold over every aspect of modern consumerism,” said Smith. “As new technology emerges, it is crucial to stay on the cutting edge. IamVoip gives this fast-paced and technical industry a personable, approachable and familiar spirit. I’m looking forward to working with the company and expanding its dedicated clientele.”

Mr. Smith brings his knowledge and expertise to a company that is at the center of the innovations in the communications field as digital technology quickly becomes the standard in the telecom industry.

The IamVoip service offers substantial savings over standard telephone service, with no hidden “gotcha” fees as seen on traditional phone bills. Unlike other “free” internet-based calling services, IamVoip customers merely plug their home or business phones into the IamVoip jack and call as normal. There is no computer necessary. IamVoip provides Digital Phone Service (VoIP) by using a High Speed Internet connection instead of outdated, more expensive telecom lines.

IamVoip customers keep their established phone numbers and use their existing phone equipment to make calls as usual. IamVoip works exactly the same as traditional phone services. When customers pick up the phone, they hear a dial tone. When someone calls, the phone rings. The consumer will never notice a difference in service, only a drastic reduction in price.

There are several IamVoip packages available. Customers can also choose to become an Independent Sales Agent with the company to earn a residual income, while helping others save money on their phone service. In this uncertain economy it is vital to save every penny—and even more important to seek additional income sources. IamVoip offers both to the public.

For additional information on IamVoip and telecom giant Steve Smith, contact Kenny Trattner or visit To make a free call using IamVoip’s crystal clear digital service, visit the Make a Call on Us station at

ABOUT IamVoip - IamVoip is the industry leader in digital telecommunications, pioneering the VoIP movement by offering business class service and features to homes and small businesses across the nation at unbeatable prices. : Source Link

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