Sunday, April 26, 2009

Michael Ellis Releases Metabolife Book


"“The Metabolife Story: The Rape of Cinderella” ( represents author and former CEO Michael Ellis’ detailed account of the rise and eventual fall of Metabolife, one of the most successful, yet unfairly characterized dietary supplement companies in history. This book finally reveals the entire story of what became of one of the greatest business success stories of our time. It also explores in detail the unfounded accusations surrounding the safety of ephedrine as an herbal supplement.

The timing of this controversial book’s launch coincides with the release from prison of Ellis. After numerous years of investigation, including allegations of $93 million in tax evasion, Mike Ellis was convicted last June of supplying misleading information to a government agency. Ellis details why despite millions of dollars, and years of investigation, the government was forced to create a charge, just to save face in the absence of any real criminal activity. " : Source Link