Sunday, April 26, 2009

MLMRankings Posts March 2009 Updates


"MLMRankings has posted their March 2009 updates.

Leading the list in top gainers:

IamVoip 33.85% Gain
LifeMax 28.00% Gain
TraVerus Travel 27.27%
Gain Ignite 24.00% Gain
Petra Fashions 9.48% Gain
Scentsy 9.32% Gain
Zurvita 8.41% Gain
Zoegetics 6.67% Gain
Color Me Beautiful 4.17% Gain
DubLi 3.85% Gain

About MLM Rankings:

MLM Rankings takes a monthly snapshot of internet MLM interest by compiling a count of internet MLM searches from various sources, and providing them on this site in a simple format. Want to compare two MLM companies? Use our comparison tool and see just what percentage of the public interest a given MLM opportunity captures. " : Source Link