Sunday, April 26, 2009

Univera Launches Solanyx

Source: Emediawire

"Univera, Inc., best known for the ground-breaking cell renewal formula AgelessXtra® and a pioneer in the development of scientifically-validated natural health products, today announced the release of Solanyx™, a 7-day, timed-release product that provides high-potency doses of natural, immune-boosting ingredients. With Super Immune™ and the introduction of ImmunoBurst™ last month, Solanyx is the most powerful of the company's trio of immune support products.

The exclusive Solanyx Day/Night formulas provide 24-hour, defense building, immune support with the right blend of natural ingredients precisely when you need it most. The exclusive Solanyx Day/Night formulas target the body's specific needs at different times of the day. Solanyx Day provides the right boost of immune support to help you meet all the demands of daily life. Solanyx Night promotes the deep, restful, sleep that you need to optimize your immune response. The Solanyx Day/Night proprietary formulas are a blend of all-natural ingredients with no additional coloring or preservatives, are non-habit forming, and come in a convenient 7-day treatment pack. "

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