Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zippi Kicks off Mobile Commerce Strategy

Source: Earthtimes

"Zippi Networks Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), turning America's "Clutter into Cash," today announced the completion of a one of a kind application for Apple's iPhone, formally named "Zippi Cash(TM)." As firms such as Silicon Valley-based Kleiner Perkins Venture Fund have established 100 million dollar funds aimed specifically for iPhone application development, Zippi also recognizes the iPhone has created a new playing field for commerce, much like the beginning of the World Wide Web itself.

Zippi Cash(TM) is the first of several applications that Zippi has in the works. Zippi Cash(TM) encompasses the 3 US Patents pending within Zippi's business process and the release of this application provides an opportunity in the face of the economic crises facing many Americans and beyond. During this economic crisis, everyone is looking for extra cash and just about everyone has unused items they would like to turn into cash. According to eBay's research, there is approximately three thousand dollars ($3,000) of salable unused merchandise in the average household. With an open mobile platform, "Zippi Cash(TM)" stands alone in a category of mobile commerce products that can assist Americans, and those outside the US as well, to find out what items are hot sellers and what items are not. "

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