Sunday, April 26, 2009

Zrii Issues Statement

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

"A group of top management and co-founders of Zrii LLC, including over 35 key employees, has left the company in a split with one of the company's founders, William F. Farley.

Farley also terminated the company's leading distributors, known as "ten-star independent executives," after they joined in requesting that Farley voluntarily step down as chief executive in the best interests of Zrii and the thousands of individuals throughout North America who have committed to sharing the Zrii story.

Headquartered in Draper, Utah, Zrii boasts "a company led by masters of prosperity, a product guided by ancient Ayurvedic principles and a brand that transcends borders." Zrii's product is a beverage that features the amalaki, a fruit revered for its beneficial properties. "

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