Monday, October 05, 2009

Ex Herbalife Distributors Allege Pyramid Scheme

Source: Los Angeles Business Journal

"Herbalife Ltd. has gone far in fighting the old perception that it operates as a thinly veiled pyramid scheme. In recent years, it picked a high-profile Disney executive to be its chief executive, improved its diet and nutritional supplements, and changed the way it operates.

But it looks as if the L.A. company will have to fight again. A group of former top distributors in the midst of a nasty legal battle with Herbalife is renewing the claim that Herbalife operates as a pyramid scheme.

The allegation could be disregarded as a standard strategic countersuit – Herbalife earlier sued the group for allegedly poaching hundreds of its independent distributors to a competing business – except that the federal judge overseeing the case recently denied Herbalife’s request to throw out the pyramid scheme claim, instead ruling it should go to trial. "

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