Monday, October 05, 2009

Stampin Up Changes Electronic Communication Policy


"Stampin Up recently emailed changes to the Stampin Up policy on using electronic communications:

Q: If I have a Stampin' Up! blog where I promote my Stampin' Up! business and a personal blog that I keep separate from my Stampin' Up! business, do the same guidelines apply to both blogs? A: Yes. As a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, any presence you have in the electronic communications world (blog, web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) must meet the guidelines outlined in the new IDA. When you sign the new IDA, you agree to refrain from using any electronic communications to promote, market, or sell the products of any other companies (direct selling or retail) that offer similar products, including decorative stamps in any form, stamp art accessories, scrapbooking products, digital art solutions, and vinyl wall art. Keep in mind, again, that the restriction does not completely prohibit you from using competitive products and posting images on your personal web site. You could, for example, post a project you made for your child's birthday party using non-Stampin' Up! accessories, but you would need to refrain from providing specific sales information (price, retailer, etc.) that would be considered marketing of those products. When you post projects, whether they are on your Stampin' Up! blog or a personal blog, you are representing Stampin' Up! and your postings impact your business and Stampin' Up! as a whole. " : Source Link

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