Sunday, October 25, 2009

XanGo Establishes Charitable Foundation

Source: PR Newswire

"XanGo, LLC, a leading global health and wellness company, officially launched the XanGo Goodness Foundation last night with a fundraising gala to benefit Operation Smile. The XanGo Goodness Foundation was established to extend the reach of its ongoing work to actively support philanthropic causes worldwide. Of particular interest is improving the lives of children at home and around the world and mobilizing to address disasters and crises. The event raised nearly $35,000 toward a week-long goal of supporting an Operation Smile mission to Thailand to provide children's cleft lip and palate repair. The money raised translates into approximately 145 surgeries.

Gordon Morton, XanGo founder and board member comments, "The XanGo Goodness Foundation transcends mere 'check-writing' - we encourage involvement and volunteerism." Morton adds, "XanGo Goodness evolved into a Foundation that is registered as a 501(c)(3) charity, in a move to strengthen both XanGo's fundraising abilities and transparency. Perhaps most importantly, this will expand our ability to help more people in need.""

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