Monday, November 16, 2009

Zippi and Era Media Launch Marketing Campaign

Source: PR Newswire

"Zippi Networks, Inc., (Pink Sheets: ZIPZ) a leading provider of mobile, Web, and telecommunications-based commerce applications enabling users to recycle their "Clutter into Cash," today announces the results of an initial market and test campaign initiated by Era Media, Inc. (EMI) which are yielding encouraging results as outlined below;

Robert A. Rositano Jr. CEO of Zippi Networks, Inc. stated, "Following our joint-marketing beta-test of 30,000 user offers served, the Company received 1300 opens, 200 click-throughs, 22 leads, and 8 direct sales. This initial data trend reflects a very successful lead to sales conversion rate of 36.4%, which based on current and new customers acquired by EMI's initial proof-of-concept efforts and designated to their own offers, reflects the kind of results desired to roll-out an effective full-scale marketing campaign with EMI.""

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