Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Yoli Blast Cap Hits Market

Source: TMCnet

"Yoli is a new Network Marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that is attracting attention in the industry. Yoli's blast cap delivery system differentiates them from other nutritional beverage companies and they have a product that one can demonstrate. The Blast Caps are small capsules that you put on the top of your water bottle and blast the ingredients into the water. The blast caps freeze dried technology locks in the nutrients and they don't perish over time.

They don't contain any artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives. The compensation plan used is a binary plan which consists of two legs and they have employed a new break even bonus that makes it easy for distributors to not be out of pocket with their monthly auto ship orders. As the blast caps are separate from the bottle you can buy the blast caps on their own and are priced competitively with retail opposition."

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