Tuesday, March 09, 2010

1500 Attend First Qivana Convention

Source: Npros.com

"Qivana, a network marketing company specializing in natural products, rendezvoused with over1,500 people at the company's premier convention at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront in Jacksonville, FL on January 28-30, 2010. The convention featured presentations from Qivana founders and Business Owners, culminating into a keynote by Frank Abagnale, an American security consultant best known for his history as a former confidence trickster, check forger, skilled impostor and escape artist. The story of Abagnale's life provided the premise for the film "Catch Me If You Can".

Attendees were also introduced to the company's new METABOLIQ System developed to reset and recharge the body's metabolism, in addition to training and motivational sessions.

“We are part of a society where obesity rates are at epidemic levels while the only solutions being provided by other companies are single products that promise to transform your body by taking a single capsule. We partnered with Dr. Don Layman in creating a sustainable, healthy solution to this crisis that is backed by three decades of research and human clinical trials. Our simple, systematic approach has resonated with our IBOs and the general population who have purchased over $1,000,000 in product in the first week.” said Justin Banner, Chief Strategy Officer of Qivana.

Key moments of the convention included:

• Qivana's Drive Promotion, which is intended to provide an incentive by rewarding those who recruit others into the business, in addition to a chance to win an Audi R8, Maserati Quattroporte or a Porsche GT-3.

• Various promotions, awards and company position announcements.

• Qivana’s first regional events will be held in Orlando, FL on September 10-11, 2010 and Las Vegas, NV on September 23-24, 2010.

• Qivana's grand opening of Mexico in the fourth Quarter of 2010

• Announcement of new products. "

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