Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Wealth Masters International Press Release

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"Wealth Masters International (WMI) opened up its 2010 World Tour in Oslo, Norway to the tune of approximately 400 potential entrepreneurs eager to learn about WMI's host of financial, health and personal empowerment solutions. Conducted by WMI's CEO and Co-Founder, Kip Herriage, the event served as a full-on business demonstration of Wealth Masters' diverse product suite.

The day started with a screening of WMI's introductory documentary, "The Conspiracy Against Your Money" DVD. Event Coordinator and Norway based WMI Consultant, Per Gunnar offers perspective; "Kip got right down to business and started off the day with a bang! The crowd was electric and the momentum never seemed to die. They knew right from the beginning how these products could benefit them and their families."

Attendees were then introduced to WMI's inventory of solutions designed to educate and empower users through wealth, health, and wisdom while also offering an entrepreneurial opportunity. Over the next two days, several hundred interested participants were invited back for a more personal session.

"When Karl and I founded Wealth Masters we knew we wanted to deliver a truly International impact. Since that time the worldwide response has been massive and we are resolute in our commitment to supporting it by any means necessary," said Herriage. To service the growing Scandinavian Member base WMI also announced they are finalizing the launch of a dedicated office in Norway scheduled to open in March.

Wealth Masters plans to continue its 2010 World Tour with appearances in Australia, Canada, and anywhere its Member base demands it.

As the global economic outlook becomes increasingly uncertain individuals across the globe are turning to Wealth Masters International (which features a panel of economic educators that include Ed Garrett, Mike Maloney, and Wayne Allyn Root) for guidance.

About Wealth Masters International: Wealth Masters International is a Texas based L.L.C incorporated in January 2005. They are at the forefront of promoting the best financial education and providing their members with a platform for securing life-changing wealth and success.

In just a few short years, Wealth Masters International has propelled itself as the leading company in its respected industry, due to their ability to combine exceptional products with a business opportunity that is geared towards generating unlimited prosperity.

In these uncertain economic times one company is bucking the trend, hiring top talent, and treating its members to lavish events akin to the lavish lifestyle it represents. "

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