Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clinical Studies Validate Effectiveness Of Tahitian Noni Bioactive Beverages

Source: Npros.com

"A series of 14 clinical studies have been produced by Tahitian Noni International (TNI) that prove the effectiveness of their bio active beverages. There have been more clinical studies provided by TNI than any other network marketing superfruit company and they already maintain 52 scientifically-validated patents, a research facility and scientists on staff that have produced over 35 peer-reviewed publications.

Noni's scientific approach to business and advertising is a major foundation for the company's success, as well as Noni's status as a world class adaptogen, containing bioactives from a validated medicinal plant.

Jeff Wasden, TNI's new vice president of Global Marketing stated: "What makes Noni really unique is its phytochemical makeup. The most celebrated nutrients in food plants are flavonoids and carotenoids. These nutrients have great potential when eaten fresh, but when they undergo processing and pasteurization, they degrade rapidly and fail to deliver their promised benefits."

Wasden indicated that Noni is much different. "The 12 different iridoids in Noni retain their potency after processing because the iridoid bonds don't crack under pressure. They stand up to extremes. That means that, unlike our superfruit competitors, you're getting all the promised health benefits of the Noni fruit when you drink Tahitian Noni® Bioactive Beverages™.". "

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