Tuesday, April 13, 2010

EcoQuest Becomes Vollara Under New Ownership

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"The Greeneville-based company known as Ecoquest International has officially been moved to Bristol VA and renamed Vollara. Kathy Greene, director of human services and a spokesperson for DBG Investments, LLC announced Wednesday that the company's name was changed last weekend in Dallas at the headquarters of DBG Group Investments and its parent company, Aerus Holdings, LLC. The new owners of Ecoquest had decided that the company needed a new name and made the decision to call it "Vollara" which comes from a Latin verb that means "to fly." said Greene.

After being sold by the end of March 2009, EcoQuest International ceased operations on the production of air and water purifiers shortly after DBG Group Investments, a subsidiary of Aerus Holdings, LLC, of Dallas, acquired a majority of the assets of the Greeneville company.

DBG then made the announcement at the close of the sale that it would be consolidating manufacturing and operations of the business into Aerus Holdings' 400,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Bristol, Va., and at its international headquarters in Dallas. It was stated during the announcement that the business would be operated as an independent network marketing organization of DBG and would be separate and distinct from the other businesses in the Aerus Holdings portfolio.

EcoQuest International formerly provided air and water purification products, energy management systems and nutritional supplements while employing a total of 200 employees prior to its former 500. An estimated 105 EcoQuest employees were then employed by Vollara in addition to being given bus transportation to and from Greenville. "

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