Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Middle School Students Create Art with Stampin Up

Source: Npros.com

"Karen Schindler and Karen Hinckley, demonstrators for Stampin’ Up, a home retailer, created a stamping club for the students at Center Middle School. They have been meeting with students for five years and they purchase the materials and stamps from Stampin Up for the students to use so there is no expense.

“We get together with the kids about every other week, roughly, and it’s been really nice,” said Schindler. “We just walk them through the steps and they make the cards.”

Hinckley, who runs a summer stamp camp, thought it might be a fun and easy crafting project for the students to work on during the school year since so many seemed to really enjoy it over the summer. Some students were influenced by parents who also stamp. The students say it gives them a way to be creative even though they are not great at drawing or other mediums.

“Anyone can stamp,” said Hinckley. “Even if you’re athletic or musical, it doesn’t matter. You can be yourself and be accepted and that’s nice for this age.”

In addition to the students stamping club, a second club consisting of teachers and former teachers meets at the school once a week. Schindler claims the club is almost exact to the student’s club, except the adults purchase their own materials and are a little more experienced.


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